Vert Shock Review

If you have watched old videos of great athletes from 19th and 20th century, then you must have noticed the difference in movement, physique and kinesis when you compare them with famous athletes that we have today. The revolution changes in sport started when science was finally used in developments of athletes and sport.

Scientifically proven training programs have really revolutionized sport in the 21st century. Many athletes are able to break records that seemed impossible to break thanks to the use to scientifically proven methods in sports.

What is vert shock program?basketball player

Designed Adam Folker, vert shock system is a specialized training system that has been designed to help players improve their vertical jump. Unlike many other training programs that use techniques that have not been proven scientifically, vert shock system uses specialized methods that have been proven scientifically to help improve your muscles system thus helping you to jump as high a possible. Knowing how to jump is very crucial in basketball. This programs will focus on strengthening your muscles and nervous system to help you maximize vertical jump.

Phases of vert shock program

The Vert Shock program is an 8-week program that is designed to help improve your jump gradually. This program has three important phases. They include:

1. Pre-shock phase

This phase will help prepare your body for the next phase exercises. This phase will take a duration of 7 days, and it is designed to help you learn how to use your muscles fiber when training. After this phase, your vertical jump will improve by up to 3-5 inches.

2. Shock phase

runnersThis is the main phase of this training program, and it will last for 6 week. During this period, you will learn a series of strength training and polymeric exercises. You will be required to do these exercises four times a week with a session lasting for one hour. This training will help you learn how to use your nervous systems so as to get volatile energy from your muscles fiber without draining your crucial energy reserves.

3. Post-shock phase

This is the final stage of this program, and it is designed to help you know how to use your muscles as per your specific needs to boost your performance. This stage is very important because it will equip with skills that will help give the high jump constantly. Conditioning and strength exercises will equip you with techniques that will help improve your jump.