Save Water and Save the Planet

Water is a precious resource and without it, we will not be able to survive. Human beings need water on a daily basis, however, there are some places on the Earth where water is scarce, and people even die due to the lack of water.

There are many people who are conscious of our natural resources and foundations that promoteShower head saving water. But how can you as a person do your small part towards saving the planet? You can start by saving water in your home.

You can save water in your kitchen, your bathroom and garden. In the bathroom, you can fit a shower timer which will control the time you spend in the shower. The shower is one place where a lot of water is wasted as many people spend over 20 mins in the shower. An actual shower will only take about 5 to 10 mins maximum. Try setting your shower time to 5 minutes and you will be saving many gallons of water each day.

When you do the dishes, use two sets of water, one with soapy water and one with clean water to take off the soap.

When you water the garden try to use water sparingly, do not water your garden frequently during months where there is less rain. Also, you can water the garden for a shorter period as most of the Shower head and heater water will be retained in the soil. During raining seasons do not water your garden as your plants and lawn will get enough water from the rain.

Washing your car should also be done with less water. Spray some water on your vehicle and then apply the car wash. You do not need that much water at the start. You can then rinse off the water quick. During the raining, seasons collect water and try to use that water to wash your car as it will save a lot of water.

There are many other ways to save water and therefore you have to do your part to help save one of the most valuable natural resources our planet has. Do not waste water, conserve it and you will be doing your part to save our planet.