How to Maintain Good Spinal Health

Many people who work in offices around the world tend to develop back and neck pains from spending hours at their desks sitting in chairs that we all think are natural.

However, what we do not realize is that these chairs are the cause of the back and neck pains andChair ultimately the stress we feel after a day’s work. Traditional chairs ae built to look great and are made from expensive leathers and other materials. However, they do not put much thought into the ergonomics that are required for a human body to stay healthy.

When we sit in a regular office chair, we are naturally drawn forward towards our desk or computer. This makes us put more pressure on our spinal column and discs. When this happen, we are in a bad posture and a bad posture is what causes back pains.

Our spinal column health is very important. The spine carries all the nerves that go through our body. If you have a problem with your spine, you may fee more pain that you can imagine, and it may lead to further health issues.

The best way to overcome any problems from occurring is to get yourself a great ergonomically designed chair like the kneeling chair. Even thought this chair may look awkward and sound funny it, in fact, helps you maintain good posture and spinal health.

woman on kneeling chairThese chairs may take a bit of getting used to, but they will help you feel much better in the long run. They work by distributing your body weight between your rear and your knees. They also slant forward a bit to help your body maintain the correct posture.

Your health is very important and even though you have no choice but to sit down and work you can take some simple steps to ensure your spinal health and stay clear of back and neck pains.

By Jon Littrell

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